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Monday, November 27, 2006
KRIS .. the REAL Symbol ...
NST (Online) - 27 Nov 2006 - MCA Youth head to meet Hishammuddin over kris issue - Read about the kris brandishing episode at the recently concluded UMNO aasembly. Hmmm ... there are many ways to look at this ... From the NST Online, "MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai will meet his Umno counterpart to express concern over the latter’s use of the kris during the recent Umno Youth general assembly. Liow said although Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had explained that the kris was merely a symbol to motivate Malays, people of other races were uneasy. He explained to the BN Youth why he used the kris after last year’s Umno Youth assembly. This year, when he used it again, there was also uneasiness among the other races, although it was less. Perhaps he needs to explain more. I still get calls from people of other races, especially Chinese, who say they are uneasy with the use of the kris. As leaders, we need to understand and consider the feelings of the people on the ground, especially the other races. If I hold a Chinese sword at a wushu function it would be different than if I hold one at a political event. This was a political function, so it is seen in a different context. It can create uneasiness," he said.

Ahah .. I detect a 'missing the point' situation here. I am not a politician, neither am I an UMNO member .. just to be clear about it. The way I see it, as all of us should as well, the kris is embedded in the Constitution of Malaysia. Just look at the Malaysian emblem at the top, yes .. the yellow flag with two tigers on each side. Look closely ... (get a magnifying glass if need be .. I did) ... YES .. the are five (5) kris there. Look again at what our next Agong, HRH DYMM Sultan Mizan Zainul Abidin ibni al Marhum Sultan Mahmud of Terengganu (1962-), is holding. It ain't no wushu sword .... and he is the Agong of Malaysia, not Malay, Chinese, Indian or what have you ... In the installation of the 13th Agong, HRH DYMM Sultan Mizan will also be kissing the hilt of the royal kris, or jagged dagger.

If we are serious about the Bangsa Malaysia (at first I was gonna say my piece, but now I am going to see what fun will transpire .. ) EVERYONE calling themselves Malaysian must accept the kris .... after all we are more advanced than the Americans, they still have 'African-American', 'Chinese-American' and the like .. we don't have Chinese-Malaysian? do we ... ?? We have Bangsa Malaysia .. right ? So, perhaps
MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai should hear himself when he said, 'But the National Agenda must come first. We are all Malaysians and we (non-Malays) are here to stay.' The KRIS IS a National identity!! and if the non-malays are here to stay, stay and adopt and adapt .... UMNO can hold the kris, MCA can hold the kris, MIC can hold the kris .... walk the talk, maaan ... aiyaaa .. tak tau lah ...

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Simply Nicol 2006 ...
NICOL David became only the fourth player to successfully defend the World Women's Open squash crown when she beat Australian Natalie Grinham of Australia in the final at the Ulster Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland last night. (NST)

Nicol, the World No 1, secured a 1-9, 9-7, 3-9, 9-5, 9-2 victory against Natalie, the World No 4, in a 98-minute match to clinch back-to-back titles after achieving her first in Hong Kong last year. Squash legends Sarah Fitz-Gerald and Michelle Martin, both from Australia, and Susan Devoy of New Zealand were the other players who had achieved the feat.

More from the official site.
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Monday, November 20, 2006
Simply Tiger ..
Since I was looking at Roger Federer's achievement in 2006 and the last post which kind of had a record of his record, I ventured further to another individual by the name of Tiger Woods. Hmmm ... it would be worthy to enter his records ...

Records held by Tiger Woods ..

: Tiger Woods holds record with 24. Horton Smith is second with 17 (1933).

MOST PGA TOUR WINS BETWEEN AGES 20-29: Tiger Woods holds record with 34. Jack Nicklaus had 30.

MOST PGA TOUR WINS AFTER 25 STARTS: Tiger Woods holds record with 6. Ken Venturi is second with 5.

MOST PGA TOUR WINS AFTER 50 STARTS: Jack Nicklaus holds record with 8. Tiger Woods tied in second with Ken Venturi (7).

MOST PGA TOUR WINS AFTER 75 STARTS: Tiger Woods holds record with 17. Jack Nicklaus is second with 12.

MOST PGA TOUR WINS AFTER 100 STARTS: Tiger Woods holds record with 28. Jack Nicklaus is second with 17.

YOUNGEST PLAYER TO WIN 5 PGA TOUR EVENTS: Record held by Horton Smith (20 years, 10 months, one day) in 1929. Tiger Woods is second youngest (21 years, four months, 20 days).

YOUNGEST PLAYER TO ACHIEVE #1 WORLD RANK: Tiger Woods at 21 years, 24 weeks. Previously held by Bernhard Langer (29 years, 31 weeks) in 1986.

LOWEST 72-HOLE SCORE: 259 (21 under par) in 2000 WGC NEC Invitational.

LOWEST 72-HOLE SCORE IN RELATION TO PAR: 25 under par (263) in 2000 Johnnie Walker Classic and 2002 WGC American Express Championship. PGA TOUR record is 28 under par (260) by John Huston in 1998 United Airlines Hawaiian Open and 28 under par (256) by Mark Calcavecchia in 2001 Phoenix Open.

1997 Masters Tournament 18 under par
2000 U.S. Open Championship 12 under par
2000 British Open Championship 19 under par
2000 PGA Championship 18 under par (tied with Bob May)

LOWEST FIRST 36 HOLES: 125 (64-61) in 2000 WGC NEC Invitational. Mark Calcavecchia tied PGA TOUR record with 125 (65-60) in 2001 Phoenix Open. Tom Lehman also tied this record 125 (63-62) in 2001 Invensys Classic in Las Vegas.

LOWEST FIRST 54 HOLES: 192 in 2000 WGC NEC Invitational. PGA TOUR record is 189 by John Cook in 1996 Fed Ex St. Jude Classic and by Mark Calcavecchia in 2001 Phoenix Open.

LOWEST 18-HOLE SCORE: 61 in 1999 GTE Byron Nelson Classic and 2000 WGC NEC Invitational. PGA TOUR record is 59 by Al Geiberger in 1977 Memphis Classic, Chip Beck in 1991 Las Vegas Invitational, and David Duval in 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

LARGEST MARGIN OF VICTORY: 15 strokes in 2000 U.S. Open Championship. PGA TOUR record is 16 strokes by J.D. Edgar in 1919 Canadian Open, Joe Kirkwood, Sr. in 1924 Corpus Christi Open and Bobby Locke in 1948 Chicago Victory Championship.

LARGEST MARGIN AFTER 54 HOLES: 10 strokes in 2000 U.S. Open Championship.

LARGEST MARGIN AFTER 36 HOLES: 7 strokes in 2000 WGC NEC Invitational.

MOST CONSECUTIVE EVENTS WITHOUT MISSING CUT: Tiger Woods has missed the cut in only one event in his career, 1997 Bell Canadian Open. He withdrew from 1998 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, because of postponement. Since then, Woods has made the cut in 96 consecutive events. PGA TOUR record is 113 events by Byron Nelson, followed by Jack Nicklaus with 105.

LOWEST ADJUSTED SCORING AVERAGE: Tiger Woods’ adjusted scoring average of 67.79 in 2000 was the lowest in PGA TOUR history, exceeding his 68.43 average in 1999.

LOWEST ACTUAL SCORING AVERAGE: Tiger Woods’ actual scoring average of 68.17 in 2000 was the lowest in PGA TOUR history, exceeding the 68.33 average by Byron Nelson in 1945.

LOWEST CONSECUTIVE ROUNDS: 125 (64-61) in the first and second rounds of the 2000 NEC Invitational. Mark Calcaveccia broke this record 124 (60-64) in the 2001 Phoenix Open second and third rounds.

MOST CONSECUTIVE ROUNDS AT PAR OR BETTER: Tiger Woods' 52 consecutive rounds at par or better from the second round of 2000 GTE Byron Nelson Classic, through the first round of the 2001 Phoenix Open, was a PGA TOUR record. He had 66 consecutive rounds worldwide.

MOST CONSECUTIVE EVENTS AT PAR OR BETTER: Tiger Woods' 35 consecutive events at par or better (stroke-play events only) on the PGA TOUR (all under par), starting with the 1999 PGA Championship, through the 2001 Memorial Tournament, was a PGA TOUR record. In 2000, Woods became the first to be under par in every event played on the PGA TOUR for an entire year.

MOST CONSECUTIVE VICTORIES IN A SINGLE EVENT: Tiger Woods is one of three (possibly four) players to have three consecutive victories in two single events and is the first to do so in the same years. He won both Memorial Tournament and WGC NEC Invitational in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Walter Hagen won PGA Championship in four consecutive years (1924-27) and Metropolitan Open in three consecutive years (1916-20, no event in 1917-18 because of war). Arnold Palmer won Texas Open (1960-62) and Phoenix Open (1961-63). Some records keepers credit Gene Sarazen with three consecutive victories in two single events in 1920s and other records keepers dispute this. The records are inconclusive.

MOST PRIZE MONEY FOR ONE YEAR AND FOR CAREER: Tiger Woods set PGA TOUR record with earnings of $9,188,321 for 2000 and $33,103,852 for his career through 2002. His worldwide total was $41,213,162 for his career through 2002.

MOST USGA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Tiger Woods has won eight USGA national championships. Those who have won eight or more are Robert T. Jones, Jr. (9), Joanne Gunderson Carner (8) and Jack Nicklaus (8).

MOST MASTERS VICTORIES: Tiger Woods has won the Masters Tournament 3 times. Jack Nicklaus has won 6 Masters titles, Arnold Palmer has won 4, and others with 3 victories are Jimmy Demaret, Sam Snead, Gary Player and Nick Faldo.

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Simply Roger ...
Roger Federer's records in 2006

Nov 19 (Reuters) - A list of world number one
Roger Federer's records in 2006 after he beat James Blake 6-0 6-3 6-4 in the year-ending Master's Cup final in Shanghai on Sunday:

* First player to earn $8 million in prize money in one season ($8,343,885)

* Most ranking points in a season (8,370)

* Accumulated enough points to ensure he would break Jimmy Connors's record of 160 consecutive weeks as world number one on Feb. 26 next year

* First man in the Open era to win 10 or more titles in three consecutive seasons (2004-11, 2005-11, 2006-12)

* First man since Thomas Muster in 1995 to win 12 titles in one season (Australian Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Masters Cup, Toronto Masters, Indian Wells, Madrid Masters, Miami Masters, Basel, Doha, Halle and Tokyo champion)

* First player since Ivan Lendl in 1982 to win more than 90 matches in a season (92)

* First man in the professional era to reach six consecutive grand slam finals

* First man to win Wimbledon-U.S. Open double three years in a row

* Beat Bjorn Borg's professional era record of 41 consecutive victories on grass and extended it to 48 when he captured a fourth Wimbledon title

* Joined American Richard Sears and Briton Will Renshaw as the only men to win their first seven grand slam finals after winning the Australian Open in January. Sears and Renshaw achieved the feat in the 1880s

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Monday, November 13, 2006
Pharmacists ..
Pharmacists, pharmacists, where art thou...? It happened again today at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and I wonder if this is the norm anywhere else, else why do we bother having a Pharmacy!! Yes, that's right, the great Pharmacist is not in today!! The pharmacist has gone home, he/she only stays till 6.oo pm. I was having a kind of belly ache with enough-time-to get-to-a-toilet situation when I arrived at the Pharmacy and was told that the pharmacy is not in today. There goes my attempt to get hold of an Imodium. So I had to pray hard until I got home to Penang.

Question is, why must this be so. Must people be ill at certain times only, or only when pharmacists are manning the counter so that you can get your medicine? Is it a must that a pharmacist dispense, or in other words, hand you the Imodium. It is only Imodium, for heaven's sake .. 'tis not like I'm an Imodium addict ... Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...
posted by Rozhan @ 11/13/2006 01:06:00 AM   1 comments
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