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Saturday, January 14, 2006
School Bag 2006 . same lah ..
Hmm .. different year, same old story .. because the whole issue has NOT been resolved. For AS LONG AS WE HAVE BOOKS, we will have this problem. So to cut a long, long story very short, I say we get rid of the textbooks and get rid of the workbooks. These are the ones causing all this trouble.

Take the textbook; the children will have to carry all 158 pages of a textbook, even though they are only using 2-3 pages. Even if they reach the end, they will still have to carry all 158 pages. Now calculate this with the so-many textbooks and workbooks they have to carry.

The same with the exercise books. Even if they are reaching the end, they will still have to carry the whole exercise book, and count how many exercose books. It all add up to the load they carry. Get rid of the books I say,

Instead when they are in class, the teacher will hand out lesson sheets for them to refer and worksheets for them to WRITE and do. They need to practise writing. Then they will take home the lesson handouts and compile them in order. Parental assistance is required. (This should get the parents involved). Problem solved!! Anybody need more details, give me a call. Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...

posted by Rozhan @ 1/14/2006 09:23:00 AM   4 comments
I say Cikgu, mana boleh nampak !!

NST, 11 January 2006, pg.22 (picture from the Letters to the Editor section) What has changed? We see here a picture of a teacher showing a card depicting an ear to the students. I am pretty sure this is a common practise in the classroom from eons ago. The thing is ... what can the student at the back see? The ear is so small on a card and is only held up by the teacher. This is suppose to catch the attention of the students and get them excited. They are going to get turned off because they cannot see and that will put paid to the attention thenon.

We are so bewildered by ICT and in this case an overhead projector will assist in transmitting an image big enough for the students sitting at the back to see. Come on, this is 2006, not 1966!! Talk about laptop, and computer labs and we can't even solve this simple, simple presentation format. Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...


posted by Rozhan @ 1/14/2006 09:21:00 AM   0 comments
Windfall from the sea?
This is amazing!! Absolutely! Apparently, villages living between Seberang Takir and Batu Buruk were surpriesd to find seven containers loaded with cigarettes on the beach yeasterday (NST, 10 January 2005, pg. 16 - Bernama Picture). Sooooooo, guess what!? - the villages decide that it was a kind of windfall, and some even say, " I don't know if these goods were a gift from God." No prizes for ascertaining what happend next .. they decided to help themselves to the goods. By the time the police arrived, only ONE container remained untouched!! Some villages were later found 'selling' the cigarettes for between RM2 and RM3 a pack and a kiligramme of shrimps for between RM10 and RM20.

Am I missing something here!!? Surely, those people from Terengganu know that that is NOT their property to take. Money earned from stolen goods and the consumption of property that does not belong to us is going to invite some serious hot stuff from hell. I seriously do not believe these people are ignorant of such things .... Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...

posted by Rozhan @ 1/14/2006 09:20:00 AM   3 comments
Call for PEACE .. our call ..
Najwa - a young Palestinian girl who captured the hearts of participants of the Global Peace Forum - relating the ordeal and uncertainties of everyday life in her homeland (NST, 16 December 2005, pg. 8). Sianding alone on the stage, Najwa Jalamneh said the carnage was such that the smell of blood was a normal thing in her daily journey to school. She said,'I live in Palestine, Jenin Camp. I am happy to be here to tell the story of my people ina place called, The land of Peace.'

She said further,"There is something we Palestinians can't understand. What does the word terrorist mean? Please tell me. If I am not wrong, it is when we defend ourselves, our hapos, our dreams of having a free state, a dream of a happy and peaceful life. If we fight for that, are we terrorists?"

In April 2001, Najwa's home was destroyed by the Israeli army and she spent the next three years in a rented house for her home to be rebuilt. More than 35% of the Jenin Camp population of 2,840 families was wiped out in the massacre.

Here message to the participants: "Stop killing! Let us live in peace. Enough bad memories. Let us remember to raise our hands for peace, not war."

Unfortunately, this is a child's logic that will fall on deaf ears those people in power, who do not care because they are NOT at the receiving end. Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...

posted by Rozhan @ 1/14/2006 09:13:00 AM   2 comments
Oxford University ... changing times?
Oxford University - wow, even the building looks historic. NST, 16 December 2005, pg. 34 - reported that the colleges of Oxford University will lose their 800-year-old right to choose its undergraduates amid Government (their government, I guess) pressure to admit more students from state schools and lower social classes.
Instead, admissions will be centralised to encourage applications from pupils from borad-based secondary schools who find current arrangements "confusing and opaque", according to The Daily Telegraph. The University admitted that as a result, colleges will lose autonomy and individuality.
Ah well, we'll wee what happens .. but if you were to think about it, it should be ok, shouldn't it? All candidates WILL be ranked according to their performance, which means they will still be getting the best. But .. losing individuality? .... isn't EVERY person a unique individual?? Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...
posted by Rozhan @ 1/14/2006 09:07:00 AM   1 comments
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
My, Mycard ...
Mycard .. This is a good one, when my children asked their mother, what is a procratinator? The answer was: Your father. Well .. we can argue about this. After all there is such a thing as a positive procrastinator, don't believe me?
From: "Rethinking procrastination: positive effects of "active" procrastination behavior on attitudes and performance", by Chu AH, Choi JN., J. Soc. Psychol., 2005 Jun;145(3):245-64 - Researchers and practitioners have long regarded procrastination as a self-handicapping and dysfunctional behavior. In the present study, the authors proposed that not all procrastination behaviors either are harmful or lead to negative consequences. Specifically, the authors differentiated two types of procrastinators: passive procrastinators versus active procrastinators. Passive procrastinators are procrastinators in the traditional sense. They are paralyzed by their indecision to act and fail to complete tasks on time. In contrast, active procrastinators are a "positive" type of procrastinator. They prefer to work under pressure, and they make deliberate decisions to procrastinate. The present results showed that although active procrastinators procrastinate to the same degree as passive procrastinators, they are more similar to nonprocrastinators than to passive procrastinators in terms of purposive use of time, control of time, self-efficacy belief, coping styles, and outcomes including academic performance. The present findings offer a more sophisticated understanding of procrastination behavior and indicate a need to reevaluate its implications for outcomes of individuals.
Ok, coming back to the Mycard business, I guess this is a Classic Malaysian habit that we can NEVER shake off. But even I could get it done well ahead of time ... it is just a matter of putting it in your long list of things to do. After all FOUR Years is long enough. Even I cannot find any excuse for not doing it. It is also good to have someone CONSTANTLY reminding you to do it!! .. although it can be categoriesd under the scientific term of 'nagging' hahaha ..
Guess the National Registration Department can be rather pro-active and have a functional (well equiped with kitchen, lounge and TV - get a double decker one travel in style lah ..) coach and visit kampungs and towns to facilitate the registration of Mycard. Hey, man, get some fresh air. To get different results, do things differently. Collect some service charge. Give it a shot!! Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...
posted by Rozhan @ 1/04/2006 06:07:00 PM   2 comments
Difference in Temperature?
I have always found this puzzling (NST, 20 December 2005, pg.34, Reuter Picture) .. Has it got to do with the genes? I wonder ... Cold wave has hit Japan, with loss of lives, disruption in transport and the cancellation of flights.
In Nagoya, the Japan Meteorological Agency recorded 23 cm of snow, the most in 58 years. Hmm ... no precise temperature reading was quoted in the newpaper article .. but the picture shows students braving the snow to get to school in Nagoya, Japan. I have been in snow before, as perhaps other people as well. I have to wear long john if it dips below freezing. Ain't getting my parts frozen, uuh-uh. But what I find puzzling is that the girls are all wraped up with umbrella and all in the falling snow BUT they are wearing SKIRTS!! Is this some form of female magic?? Anyone got any good explanation? Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...
posted by Rozhan @ 1/04/2006 06:04:00 PM   1 comments
Triple Trouble in School ..
Hmmm .. every year we will hear this story (NST, 31 December 2005, pg.4). A teacher at the SJK(C) Pei Yuan in Kampar, Perak said that she was going to faint when faced with the task of having a set triplets in her Year One class. To add to her 'misery' there are also two sets of twins in her class as well. We also have the usual case of teachers being flabbergasted at the task of remembering their names.

May I suggest that you just write their names with different colours on the tag. Simple only ... Maybe this should get into the Malaysian Book of Records as well. You can be famous, teacher, don't worry ... Aiyaa. tak tau lah ..
posted by Rozhan @ 1/04/2006 06:01:00 PM   1 comments
This and that ...
Phew, it has only been a few days into 2006 and my to do list a is already very long. Got tons of things to talk and write about but constantly overtaken by time. Before you know it, it is already the next day.
Got talking to a colleague in a Future's Workshop in Penang and talking about change in mindset and also getting people to participate in new things, hopefully events that would steer the organisation in a new direction, bla, bla, bla ...
Aaaand my colleague said, getting this story from a Japanese Professor, that there are four (4) types of people you need to deal with when this idea of change is being introduced, people who will be resisting because;
  1. they don't understand the whole concept - in this case it is not so bad because all we need to do is more sessions and discussion to clarify the ideas and concepts,
  2. in their OWN deliberation, calculation and perception, they will LOSE out when the concept or idea is tested or implemented in the organisation
  3. they don't like YOU (or your face), and finally
  4. they couldn't care less about the concept or idea and have their own agenda - perhaps it is not so bad that they have an agenda as opposed to those who simply doesn't want to know.

Maybe this is not exhaustive .. but do you know of any more? Aiyaa, tak tau lah ...

posted by Rozhan @ 1/04/2006 08:52:00 AM   2 comments
Sunday, January 01, 2006
Wishing everyone a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2006.

Live and Die in Peace and Harmony.

Live and let live. Everybody will die one day and be underneath the earth we step on today. There is no need to be high and mighty. We are all worm food one day. What we do on earth will echo in eternity.
Remember God and the day we shall face Him. Remember too the provisions that we need to take with us on this FINAL trip. All the best.

posted by Rozhan @ 1/01/2006 12:54:00 AM   2 comments
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